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Oct 5, 2018

Courtney Hanks earned her new nickname through her dedication to helping students understand what makes a great yearbook.

This remarkable young adviser earned a Silver Crown with the second high school book she ever advised (and her third ever). Courtney and the yearbook staff at University High School in Orange City, Florida are taking giant steps to build a great yearbook program.

Courtney was named a 2018 JEA Rising Star, and is this month's Adviser of Note. 

She and host Jim Jordan have built a friendship over the past year, and today's discussion reflects that friendship and mutual respect as the discuss what it takes to shape student leaders and build a great program.

This is not the last we'll hear from Courtney. Jim will check back in with her over the course of the school year to follow how her year, her book and her program are progressing. You can read more about Courtney in the Adviser of Note post at

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