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Sep 21, 2018

Two days into the 2018 school year, everything changed for yearbook adviser David Graves and the students and staff of St. Thomas' Episcopal School in Houston, Texas. They left school on Thursday, but didn't return to school for more than two weeks and they weren’t back on their campus until after the first of the year. Hurricane Harvey had hit the Houston area, and their school was one of many affected by the record-setting flooding it caused.

Despite living through a life-altering disaster, David and his students still had a yearbook to complete. Their already chosen them, "Not Just Another Day," was oddly prescient for the year.

In this episode, David and host Jim Jordan discuss their yearbook, the events of Hurricane Harvey, and covering a disaster of this magnitude in their yearbook.

The timing of this episode is purely coincidental. Jim first interviewed David before Hurricane Florence ever formed. In light of the damage inflicted on the east coast, Jim went back to David for more advice on schools affected in similar ways. If you have been affected by Hurricane Florence or the flooding it caused, David is offering his support. If you reach out via, we'll make sure your message gets to him.